Canada Updates:-

The Canada Visitor Visa Processing period set to resume back to 2-3 weeks.

Canada Visa Requirements Information

Canada Embassy Address

Address: Canadian High Commission
Immigration Section
Limuru Road Gigiri, Nairobi Kenya

Tel: (254-20) 366 3555

Hours of operation: Mon to Thur
To submit applications: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
To collect applications: 2:00 p.m.

Processing takes 5 working days after receipt


Canada Visa Requirements

  • Valid Passport( clear scanned copy)
  • 1 Color passport pictures
  • Applicant Birth Certificate copy
  •  Applicant ID Copy
  • Children Birth Certificate copy
  •  Parents ID copy
  • Spouse ID copy (if any)
  • phone number.
  • email address if any

Visa Application Procedure By Sydd Travel

STAGE 1   ‐  The client can either visit the office or contact our representatives to know the best visa type that suites their interest.

STAGE 2 ‐The client presents the required documents through our email either scanned ,photocopies or original documents. (Passport photos can be taken in the office).

STAGE 3 ‐After analyzing the presented documents, Sydd travel works on processing the documents and providing all the support documents as required by the immigration /visa application center. This is made successful by use of our immigration lawyer.

STAGE 4 ‐ After a well-reviewed documentation and paperwork, Sydd travel pays the embassy fee of Kes 16,000 and submit your application online through your embassy account which is also created upon the commence of your visa application. This is also the same day when we book you an appointment with the embassy for (biometrics)‐fingerprint and physical data.

STAGE 5 ‐ Our clients are sent for biometrics after 5 working days (after the documentation process).
The embassy accept biometrics on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

STAGE 6 ‐This is the last stage of visa application (visa processing by the embassy). After a successful biometrics, the client waits as the embassy processes all the presented documents for decision making. This is the stage where we conduct some visa tracking and keep our clients updated.

Life Abroad

After a successful visa application, the client has freedom of deciding when the want to travel because Sydd Travel applies for long term visas valid from 5‐10 years.


Connecting our clients with their respective hosts. These (hosts) are some of our own clients, friends and Kenyan community living in the abroad. They help in:‐
• Job search before the client travels.
• Offering accommodation.
• Guiding our clients through all the settlement options.


We purchase the most recommended flight depending on various factors such season, airline type, landing region and money available.



After landing and following the covid 19 procedures, our clients can decide to follow the following channels to settle abroad.



We make a request for our clients to join the immigration NGOs where you can decide work as a volunteer. Any person can volunteer in these organizations, they are set in place to help new immigrants settle abroad at ease. They fully understand all the tools required to help you through the process of settling in Canada. Volunteering helps you to get some recommendation letters showing that you have experience in abroad. They also conduct optional skills advancement training to ensure you have a great foundation in the labor market. They also give you a legal stay in Canada.
NB: you get paid for volunteering, enough money for your (upkeep).


SYDD TRAVEL AGENCY has networked with different immigration lawyers and employment agencies to support new immigrants in Toronto and Vancouver.

Under mutual agreement based on trust, our immigration lawyers can receive you from the airport,offer accommodation for some time and prepare you through the work permit documentation and any other legalities, Sydd Travel Agency and different employment agencies in Canada with the assistance of our immigration lawyers also came to an agreement that anyone who gets a visa will be fully funded with finances to cater for FLIGHT, ACCOMMODATION, JOBS and DOCUMENTATION FOR WORK PERMIT.

The employment agencies will take our clients as their investment and support them aggressively to getting a job in which salary will be paid from the employer to the employment agencies. The client is a responsibility of the employment agencies and they will only take a share of 30% from your salary to clear the balances and give you 70% for a duration that does not exceed 5 months in Canada.
Our customers will have the right to choose from the best available job since the employment agencies serve different production companies, large scale businesses and supermarkets in Canada. You are also advised to apply for open work permit which will allow you to work for different employers hence raising your income.

•This agreement is only signed after you successfully secure your visa through our normal procedure.
•The agreement is signed under mutual trust and Sydd Travel Agency has the right to choose the clients to favour.
•Any client who has a visa (not through Sydd Travel Agency) will be required to top up a commission fee of kes 50,000 to gain the favours.

•To reduce the financial burden that comes with travelling to Canada.
•To build a strong network for the company and its systems at large.
•The procedure promises JOBS,ACCOMMODATION & Documentation for work permit therefore ensuring safety for our clients and reduce the chances of getting stranded in a new Canada.
•Ensure effective tracking of every customer’s progress, improve growth and stability.


We are currently living on an offer stating that you can apply for work permit if you are a visitor in Canada. This makes it easier for Sydd Travel and community abroad to help you get a job even before landing .The Canadian government earlier last year published that they need more than 400,000 new immigrants per year for the next 3 years. You can also conduct personal research on that.
This favours both skilled and unskilled laborers.


An asylum is an advanced way that developed countries use to welcome refugees from other countries.
Reasons for asylum
• Get financial assistance/funds from the government.
• Your target is getting a permanent residence.
• The Government’s first priority is helping you settle hence you get a work permit as soon as possible.
• That is the center of everything , it is the place people hunt jobs, know immigration lawyers, interaction etc..

There are so many more options, you can either combine the three options above or opt to work with each option “solo”. Sydd Travel is always willing to guide you through.

NB- we also have more immigration channels but the above can be made successful if we help you apply for any visa type.

client can either visit the office or contact our representatives  to know the best visa type that suites their interest.

NB-  we also have more immigration channels but the above can be made successful if we help you apply for any visa type.

NB ‐ contact our representatives or visit our offices for detailed information  and budgeting on the charges required.

Our offices are located in Nairobi  at Ambank towers next to anniversary towers along Nairobi University way. You can always book an appointment with us on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



Sources from Sydd travel jobs market research, employers, community abroad and the internet.
1,Farm Worker
2,Factory Worker
3,Production Worker
4,Garment Workers
5,Fruit Packer
7,Waiter / Waitress
9,Office Boy / Girl
12,Computer Operator
15,Laundry Worker
20,Security Guard

NB- skilled jobs are also in demand but that depends with specific qualifications. Every new immigrant can start with unskilled category jobs as they hike to their own capabilities.

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