20 July 2020
Denmark Visa Application Centers reopened
The Denmark Visa Application Centre Mexico City (Mexico) and Manchester (UK) has resumed operations.
The centers in Chennai and Hyderabad (India) have resumed accepting limited long stay category applications.
The centers in Chicago, New York and Washington DC (USA) and Almaty (Kazakhstan) are now accepting limited long stay visa category applications.
The Centre in Bangkok (Thailand) is now accepting short stay, residence and work permit applications, operating every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The centers in Australia and New Zealand are now accepting short stay, residence and work permit applications.
The centers in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Almaty (Kazakhstan) have resumed accepting long stay applications.
Th centers in Algiers (Algeria), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Bamako (Mali) are now accepting long stay applications.
The centers in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai (China), Cairo (Egypt) and Ramallah (Palestinian Territories) are now accepting long stay and exceptional cases applications.
The centers in Cape Town and Durban (South Africa) have resumed operations. The centers in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and Kampala (Uganda) have resumed operations on select days.
The centers in Kenya and Tanzania have resumed operations every Monday and Wednesday for long term permits and business visa applications, by prior appointment only.
The Denmark Visa Application Centre in Tel Aviv (Israel) is now accepting urgent short stay applications.
The center in Rabat (Morocco) is now accepting short stay, long stay and exceptional case applications.
Denmark Visa Application Centers in Dublin (Ireland), London (UK), Abuja and Lagos (Nigeria), Tehran (Iran), Beirut (Lebanon), Bangkok (Thailand), Manama (Bahrain), Accra (Ghana), Taipei (Taiwan), Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Kyiv and Lviv (Ukraine) and Tokyo (Japan) are currently accepting long stay applications.

Denmark Visa Requirements Information

Denmark Embassy Address

Location:  13, Runda Drive, Runda
Tel: +254 20 71 22 848-51

Visa Office Hours: 9:00am – 11:00am

Denmark Visa Requirements

Tourist Visa

1. Copy of the applicant’s passport identity pages (incl. extension date if applicable), and any other visa, residence permits, entry and exit stamps or an old passport if relevant.
2. Travel medical insurance.
3. Preliminary flight booking and a detailed travel itinerary.
4. Hotel booking.
5. Copy of national ID-card (both sides).
6. Non-Kenyans are required to submit a copy of a valid Kenyan residence permit or other proof of legal stay in Kenya.
7. Proof of solvency:
– Certified bank statements with bank referral letters covering at least the last three months with a bank referral letter.
– Payslips for the last three months (if employed).
8. Proof of employment
– Dispatch letter from the employer: signed by the employer and containing the applicant’s function/profession, terms of
employment, number of years, monthly net salary, granted leave days and date and contact details of the employer.
– Contract of employment.
– Retired persons: Documents proving the pension or other financial support.
– If self-employed, copy of Kenyan PIN Certificate as well as company registration, copy of Memorandum of Association and
Articles of Association, copy of Business License, if applicable.
9. Original and copy of marriage certificate, original and copy of birth certificates of self, spouse and children, if applicable.
10. Additional requirements for minors (under 18 years):
– Copy of both parents/guardian’s ID-card or passports.
– Written consent from the parent(s)/guardian(s) if either or both is not accompanying, with contact details of both parents.
– Proof of full custody or if a parent has deceased, either a death certificate or a court order for the custody.
– Proof of guardianship if someone else than the biological parent(s) as stated in the birth certificate.
– If traveling outside school holidays, a letter from the school with the necessary details.
– If traveling with a group, a complete list of names of all traveling, and the name of the person in charge of the group.
11. Any other documents relating to the applicant’s personal ties to the home country, such as title deeds or lease agreements, etc.

Business visit – necessary supporting documents:

Family visits – necessary supporting documents:

Study tour – necessary supporting documents:

Cultural events / conferences / sports events – necessary supporting documents:

For sports events, furthermore:

Visit to and /or from religious societies – necessary supporting documents:

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